Clothing Stores

1851 Millinery Store, Miss McCheesney, Proprietor North Main, North of the Court House alley.
1855 Clothing Store, Henty Kissenger, Proprietor East Second, southside, four doors west of Jefferson.
1856 Furnishing Goods For Men, T.M. Lewis, Proprietor Third and Jefferson Streets, southwest corner.
1855 Peoples Clothing Store, F.S. Wells, Proprietor Main Street, opposite City Hall.
1856 Boston Clothing Store, Foole Brighan, Proprietor Third Street, opposite Phoenix House.
1856 Millinery and Dyering Store, Mr. Howard, Proprietor Eastside of North Main, between First and Second sts.
1856 Millinery Store, John Van Doren, Proprietor Third and Main Streets, Phillips House.
1857 Oregon Clothing Store, John Walker, Proprietor Fifth street, near Jackson street.
1858 Dress Making, Mrs. J.E. Ayres, Proprietor Third street, west of Perry street.
1859 Men's Clothing Store, W.G. Breene, Proprietor #1 main street, Phillips House.
1859 Clothing Store, Mr. Chamberlin and Mr. Parker, Prop'r. 314 East Third street, Clegg's Building.
1859 Clothing Store, T.M Lewis, Proprietor Third and Jefferson streets, southwest corner.
1860 Millinery Store, Mr. Lussiers, Proprietor Third and Main streets, Phillips House.
1860 Millinery Store, Mrs. Corps, Proprietor Second street, Main street.
1860 Millinery Store, Miss Goodman, Proprietor 337 West second street.
1860 Hat Store, A. Leabold, Proprietor South Main, three doors above Fourth street.
1855 Baraby's Mercantile College, S.B. Barnaby, Instructor  

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