Factories & Foundries

1846 Greers' Stove Foundry, Mr. Grees, Proprietor First and Foundry Streets
1855 Planning Mill, WM. Bomberger, Proprietor Corner of Wayne and the Canal
1855 Paving and Flagging, John & A. Bundenthal 5th Street & Bainbridge
1855 Roofing and Spouting, James Kelly, Proprietor Third Street, opposite the Post Office
1857 Miami Foundry and Machine Shop, John F. Edger, Propr' First Street, opposite Swayie House
1857 Tin & Japan Ware (common tin), J.C. Cross, Proprietor Third and Jefferson Streets.
1857 Buckeye Foundry, Messrs; Pease & J. Clegg, Proprietors Third and Wyandott Streets
1857 Miami Lard Oil Factory, Messrs; Peirce & Mead, Propr'. East of the Lower Hydraulic (Sixth Street)
1858 Spice Factory, Mr. John S. Beatty, Proprietor East Third Street, near St.Clair, northside.
1858 Tabacco Leaf Buying Mr. A.H. Nixon, Proprietor Jefferson and Second Streets, Shoup's Building
1858 Roofing & Felt Factory, Sweetman Brothers, Proprietors West Third Street, at the Miami River levee.
1858 Used Hogsheeds, Boxes &C. Charles Post, Proprietor Second Street, four doors from Main Street
1858 Grain Drill Factory, Mr. Pritz & Kuhns, Proprietors old Estesbook oil mill location.
1859 Land Locomotive and Machine Co. Wyandott and Shawnee Streets
1859 Machine Shop, Mr. Will Birch, Machinist & Proprietor 219 East First Street
1859 Wire Works, Wm Howard & Brothers, Proprietors 118 & 120 North Main Street.
1859 Machine Shop, Mr. Edgar, Proprietor East First Street
1860 Tannery, Messrs; Haas, Mitchell, Proprietors Spratt Street
1862 Ferneding Mill & Co., Mr. Andrew Mause, Propr 16 Wyandott Street
1862 Ohio Flour Mill On the Canal, between 3rd. and 4th. Streets
1862 Ludlow Foundry, Mr. Wm. N. Love, Foreman Lower end of Ludlow Street, close to the canal
1862 Shop Factory, Third and Engle Streets, south west corner.

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