Grocery Stores

1849 Grocery Store Third and Main Streets, southwest corner
1855 Grocery Store, Wolf and Snyder, Proprietors South Jefferson Street, near Market Street
1855 Grocery Store and Provisions, George Harris, Proprietor Third Street, opposite the Mayor's office
1857 Oysters-Baltimore, Berry and Sheply, Proprietor Main and Fourth Streets
1857 Grocery Store, A. Stork, Proprietor Third Street, opposite the Post office
1858 Groceries and Liquors, B.M. Ayres. Proprietor Jefferson and Second Streets
1858 Groceries & Etc. & Ice, Bimm Bros., Proprietors First and Canal Streets
18588 Grocery & Liquor Store, J.B. Gilbert, Proprietor Jefferson Street, opposite Market Street
1858 Meat and Provisions Store, Fouts Bros., Proprietors Third and St. Clair Streets
1858 Grocery, Provisions and Produce 193 East Third Street
1858 Grocery Store, John Hanitech, Proprietor Main Street, Spohon's building, a few doors north of 2nd
1858 Grocery Store, Charles Fisher, Proprietor 193 East Third Street
1859 Grocery Store & Liquors, E. O'Brien, Proprietor 301 East Second, between Main and Jefferson Street
1859 Grocery and Produce, Mc Intire and Baird, Proprietors 118 South Main Street, three doors below Market Street
1860 Grocery Store, E. & T.B. Fisher, 
Third Street, Ohio Block, near the canal
1860 Grocery Store, I.N. & W.M. Green, Proprietors Main Street
1860 Fresh Fruit, Frank Anderton, Proprietor 108 South Main Street
1860 Fruit Depot, C.A. Heckler, Proprietor  Third Street, near the Post Office
1860 General Depot, R.M. Dalbey, Proprietor 270 East Fifth Street, at Brown Street
1862 Market Exchange, John Zehnder, Proprietor 75 South Jefferson Street
1862 Meat and Provisions Store, Henry 
Strickle & Jb. Jacobs
212 East Fifth Street, at the corner of Clay Street

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