Hardware Stores

1849 Hardware and Paint Store, Mr. Clark, Proprietor. 7 South Main Street, Phillip House
1848 Tool Store, Mr. D.M. Garrson, Proprietor. Third Street.
1855 Gun Store, Mr. M. Scheneider, Proprietor Third Street, Ohio Block.
1855 Hardware Store, Mr. J. Langdon, Proprietor 91 Main Street. Sign of the Pad Lock.
1857 China, Glass & Queensware, Heckler, Rimley & Maxton 4 East Second Street.
1858 Hardware Store, Messrs, Loomis and Harwell, Proprietors West Third Street.
1860 Hardware Store, Mr. Langdon, Proprietor 78 North Main Street.
1862 Hardware, Tools & Guns, Mr. Albert Marshall, Proprietor 230 East Fifth Street.
1862 Hardware, Cutlery-& Tools, James Loomis & Wm. Barnett 315 East Third Street.

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