Hotels & Boarding Houses

1849 Voorbees House East Third Street at the Miami Canal
1849 Montgomery House East Third Street at the Miami Canal.
1851 Franklin House East Second Street at the Miami Canal, northwest corner
1853 Centre House  
1853 Swayie House East Third and Race Streets.
1853 Columbus House  
1853 Farmers and Mechanics Hotel West First Street
1855 Empire House - Mr. Phelan and Mr. Davis, Proprietors Third Street, near the Post Office.
1855 Minser House (Anthony House), Anthony Gerinen, Propr' Sixth and Main Streets, northeast corner.
1856 LaFayette House Third Street, near St.Clair
1856 Phoenix House, W.H. Squires, Proprietor. Third Street, between Main and Jefferson Streets
1856 Phillips House, J. and P. Voorhees, Proprietors Third and Main Streets, southwest corner.
1857 St.Charles Hotel Market Street, southside, near Jefferson Street.
1857  Lehman Hotel First and St.Clair Streets
1857 Planters House, Mr. Widnen, owner Market Street
1857 Walter House, Ike Long, Proprietor. First Street, at the canal.
1858 Temperance House, Nakey Slaget, Proprietor Main Street, below Fourth Street
1859 Dayton Hotel, Mr. Beckel, Proprietor. East Third Street, at Madison Street
1860 Canal Hotel Second Street, near the canal
1862 City Hotel Sixth Street, between Ludlow and Main Streets.
1862 Kneckt House  
1862 European Hotel, Louis Markgral, Proprietor 276 East Third Street.
1828-50 Franklin House (Compton House) Adam Houk, Propr' Main and Second Streets, southwest corner, lot # 109

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