Liveries, Stables & Carriages

1853 Buggy Builders, Messrs; Gpeling and Hammond, Proprietors Third Street.
1855 Express Wagon, H.H. Halgefort, Proprietor Third Street, next to the Montgomery House.
18555 Union Livery Stable, Mr. John, Proprietor Jefferson Street.
1855 Carriages, Nathan Barlow, Proprietor. Second Street.
1855 Livery Stable, John Shellaberger, Proprietor Jefferson Street, above Third Street.
1845 Carriages Made, Mr.Moore Third and St.Clair Streets
1857 Saddle Shop, R.A. Kerfoot, Proprietor Third Street, four doors east of Main.
1857 Saddle & Harness, Messrs; Crew and Warford, Proprietors Jefferson Street, between 2nd & 3rd, Bechel Block.
1857 One Horse Shoeing Shop, Nathan Sifferman, Proprietor Third Street, east of the Post Office.
1858 Horse Shoe & Wrought Iron Manufactory, George Hauk Ludlow Street, between 4th and 5th Streets
1858 Carriages and Buggies, Warren Phillips, Proprietor Fourth Street, between Jefferson and StClair.
1859 Stable, John Shellabarger, Proprietor Jefferson Street, below Third Street.
1859 Stables, Mr. McGowan, Proprietor Fourth Street, just east of Main Street.
1859 Livery Stable, Brien Dille, Proprietor Jefferson and Market Streets.
1860 Carriages and Buggies, Warren Phillips Fourth Street, between Jefferson and St.Clair sts.

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