1859 Empire News Paper Third Street, south side, between Main & Jefferson
1859 Daily Journal News Paper Main Street, two doors below the Phillips House.,
1860 Daily Empire News Paper, J.R. Kelly & Co., Proprietors. 110 North Main Street.
1862 Dayton Daily and Weekly Journal, Lewis Marot & Wm. H. Rouze 85 South Main Street
1806 Newspaper, Mr. Crane, Editor Less than six months published
1808-9 Dayton Repertory, William McClure & George Smith, editors  
1814-16 Ohio Republican (Centinel), Isaac G. Burnet and James Lodge, editors.  
1820-22 Ohio Watchman, George Houston, Robert J. Skinner, Third Street, between Jefferson and St.Clair Streets
1822 Dayton Watchman, William Campbell.  
1816-20 Ohio Watchman, Robert J. Skinner, editor  

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