1851 Residence of Judge Brown North of the Court House on Main Street.
1860 Residence of Judge Brown Second and Ludlow Streets
1851 Residence of Mr. Clark North Ludlow Street, next to German Reformed Church.
1855 Residence of Mr. Chambers East Second Street, east of the canal, next to lumber yard.
1859 Residence of T.J.S. Smith Wilinson and First Streets
1860 Residence of Mr. Trump Ludlow Street, near Second Street.
1809 Dayton Lot 202, owned by Henry Curtner East Second Street, between Jefferson and St.Clair Street
1817 Dayton Lot 233, owned by James Thompson Jefferson at Fifth Street, northeast corner
1848 Building, owned by Mr. Harman First and Main, northwest corner
1855 Real Estate, John H. Thomas, Agent Third and St.Clair Streets.
1859 Real Estate, Charles E. Clarke Third Street, Clegg's Building
1859  Residence, Henry Kimes Water and St.Clair Streets

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