1853 Saloon, Bowling, Billard, A.A. Aull, Proprietor North St. Clair Street, opposite the Park
1855 Saloon, Jacob Bush, Proprietor East Second, southside, three doors west of Jefferson
1855 Liquor Store, E. O'Brien, Proprietor East Second Street
1859 Wine Store, Capt. L. Markgraf, Proprietor 276 West Third Street
1860 Saloon, John Kopps, Proprietor 43 Jefferson Street, between Second and Third Streets
1862 Saloon, Augustus Long, Proprietor Xenia and High Streets, northeast corner
1862 Saloon, Jacob Linxweiler, Proprietor 12 Market Street
1862 Saloon 162 Jefferson Street, below Third Street
1862 Ohio Brewery Hickory and Brown Streets, southeast corner

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